dog, doggy, doggie, Shih Tzu, chocolate, imperial, lace, fur, furry, brown, bow tie, pillow, velvet, tongue, pet portrait

Posing on a velvet pillow in a pretty lace bow tie

dog, doggy, doggie, Shih Tzu, chocolate, brown, fur, furry, vintage, flowers, Chrysanthemums, floral, case, train case, pet portraits

She snuggled right into this little vintage train case

dog, doggy, doggie, fur, furry, Shih Tzu, chocolate, brown, tongue, purple, velvet, pose, posing, pillow, round, pet portraits

Such a model!  Love the purple accents with her chocolate fur!

dog, doggie, doggy, Shih Tzu, Imperial, chocolate, brown, fur, furry, tongue, pet portraits

That little tongue is always out!

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